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Tip Of The Day #58 - Somebody Screwed Up The Software

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly


Somebody Screwed Up the Software

Running the wrong software program wastes time and money.

The truth is that the accounting program best suited to your needs will depend on the type of business that you run.

Just because a particular program comes highly recommended doesn’t mean it will necessarily be “the be all and end all” for you.

There is a vast list of options for accounting programs on the market priced according to the features they offer.

When shopping for the most effective software for your business consider the following aspects…

Do you have inventory? 

Are you running payroll? 

Is your business project-based? 

How many users do you need to have access to your program? 

Do you need access from different locations? 

Make a list of everything you’ll need from this new software to effectively run your business before you begin your search. Never hesitate to question the store’s computer sales staff so you’ll understand specifically how each option would work for you.

The right accounting software is paramount, the key to conserving time, money and saving you


your team a lot of stress.

What’s on your hard drive?

Preferred Client Services, professional bookkeepers in Edmonton, AB working as business partners to make a positive difference to your bottom line! 

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