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Tip Of The Day #100 - That’s Right Neighbourly of Ya!

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

That’s Right Neighbourly of Ya!

Thursday, Sept. 28/ 2017 will be Good Neighbor Day in the US, where it is actually a national holiday, originating back in the early 1970’s, thanks to the enterprising Becky Mattson, of Lakeside, Montana, who wanted a day set aside to celebrate the importance of maintaining a close-knit community.

On September 22, 1978, President Jimmy Carter made National Good Neighbor Day an official date, stating that it should be observed: "with appropriate ceremonies and activities."

Numerous cities in Canada and around the world seem to have established their own version of Neighbour’s Day held on various dates, depending on the location. Calgary’s next one is June 18, 2018. Strathcona County held theirs in June this year as well.

But, regardless of when you formally honor the concept of celebrating the friendship and support of fellow workers and community members with block parties, picnics and potlucks, the point is that we should put ourselves out there as a “good neighbor” every day.

How rewarding would it be to help your neighbour with their spring cleaning or gardening, or clear their driveway of snow as a surprise!

We here at Preferred Client Services chose September 1st to launch a coffee bar with cookies and chocolates to show our neighbourly appreciation for our clients. Please come join us for a coffee anytime!

How many of your neighbors do you know, on your block, in your office building? Why not choose a day yourself, and hit the hallways, visit up and down the street, armed with chocolate, cookies perhaps, or another fun treat, and turn those acquaintances into a support network of friends.

Neighbors are an integral part of our social lives – whether at home or at work. Good Neighbor Day promotes kindness and consideration towards the people who surround us.

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says, “A good neighbour is a priceless treasure.” There’s an old Czech proverb that says, “A good neighbour increases the value of your property,”

In essence, it’s all one and the same thing!

Preferred Client Services, professional bookkeepers in Edmonton, AB working as business partners to make a positive difference to your bottom line! 

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