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Tip Of The Day #67 – Losing your Memory or Losing Your Mind

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

Losing your Memory or Losing Your Mind

The art of keeping track of your TRANSACTIONS,… ordinarily attributed to the professional bookkeepers’ domain,… has definitely been made easier with the advent of super user friendly accounting software like QuickBooks and Sage.

A savvy time saving tip for any size of business is to take advantage of “memorizing transactions.”

You see, if you have several fixed monthly expenses that are due at the same time, such as rent, insurance, loan payment, security service, and so on, you can save all these expenses as a group called “Monthly Expenses,” or whatever name you choose to use. Then with one easy click every month, all the transactions will always be executed all at once.

To actually go about doing this online, first create each of the memorized transactions that you plan to execute as a group, as shown in “Memorizing Transactions” under their HELP menu. Follow the rest of the listed instructions.

You can even set up a reminder notice to alert you when the group payments are due.

Once you’ve got this all organized, from then on in, it’s a breeze! You can just input the date, push the button and poof!

Transaction Memorizing Magic!

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