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Tip Of The Day #72 - We All Need A Little Inspiration

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

We All Need A Little Inspiration

As a wise and wonderful, forward thinking optimist was always known to say, “Anybody can do anything as long as it is not forever!!!!”

Who was this famous person?

Well, my mother was famous to me.

Not to mention indispensable!

Yes, my mother was that one person in my life who supported me through all the challenges, the many setbacks, always helping me to stay focused on my goals, no matter how untraditional.
In an era where women were supposed to graduate school, get married and start having kids, my dream of excelling in the business world instead, working my way up to become a leader in a male-dominated profession, seemed absolutely crazy to everyone I told…except my mother.

Even if I didn’t much like what I was going through, my mother’s belief in me kept me going through it until I made it to the other side.

We all need that light of inspiration in our lives to provide the impetus for us to make it one more day, one more week, one more year until there it is! Your dream, you’ve made it happen…

If not one person, maybe a team of people or perhaps just you, energizing yourself with motivational movies or books that supercharge you up to higher levels of success.

I will always be grateful for those lessons in perseverance, determination and self-acceptance. Thanks Mom!

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