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Tip of the day #26 - It Never Ends - Yes That’s a Good Thing!

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

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It Never Ends - Yes and That’s a Good Thing!

Are you daunted by deadlines? Confronted by constant challenges? Overwhelmed by even more obstacles?

No matter how efficiently you strive to complete the tasks at hand, countless additional problems seem to arise. It’s like your work is never done! Talk about exasperating! Right?

On the contrary, author, speaker and business coach, Michael Port, finds it exhilarating! “Every day is a new day," he writes, "a new opportunity to create,to serve, to share your unique gifts and talents with the world, to re-imagine how these things that are your business and your life can shine brighter still.”

Your personal perspective, the way you look at things, it just makes such a huge difference in the world and most certainly the workplace. There’s no shortage of setbacks and frustration. The tendency is to dwell on those ad nauseum. Why not change things around in your corporate culture? Think of innovative ways to celebrate even the smallest of team wins with something special around the office. Surprise snacks, chocolates, time off or whatever is operationally feasible and considered a treat.

Make it a big event when a business milestone is reached, a prolonged project’s finally all finished, or a client file is completed and out the door. If you revel in the all the successes, big and small, the onslaught of more challenges just doesn’t seem quite so onerous. In fact, says Post, I respond with gratitude: “Thank you. I get the gift of a new day, of being able to continue this great work.”Truth is, you change your perspective, you change your life!

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