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Tip of the day #21 -Texting In The Workplace

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

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Cell phone cease and desist

Texting. On the surface it’s so innocent and unobtrusive, over so quickly, easy and simple.

But in reality it’s the staff distraction from hell!

You add in the compelling force of Facebook games and personal posting and soon you’re left wondering, is anyone out there actually doing their job?

How do you, as the supervisor, keep the “obsessively on-line” productively in-line?

Drastic measures often need to be taken meaning their personal cell phones often need to be taken away.

Once it’s confirmed that the applicable individuals, schools, and day cares have the main company number so employees can readily be reached in case of emergencies, enforce an office edict that your team members check their personal phones at the door during professional working hours, signing them out only for lunch time and breaks.

Remember, they can’t resist, so no point simply saying “cease and desist”.

If you want to take charge, Take their cells.

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