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Tip of the day #30 - Skyscrapers of Paper!

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

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Reams of Receipts, droves of documents and skyscrapers of paper!

Let’s face it, as a business owner, every year you’re inundated with more and more invoices to somehow keep organized. Where to put them and how to find them can be quite the task. If the tax authorities want all this stuff saved why don’t they store it themselves?

Relax, records storage doesn’t have to be paperwork purgatory! Not if you file your receipts and such by vendor and fiscal year. Keep it simple. Create specifically named folders for the vendors from which you frequently purchase and therefore have the most invoices. Occasional vendors and their appropriate paperwork can go in more general folders arranged alphabetically, for example miscellaneous A or O to S, T to Z.

An office procedure like this saves time, space and money in the end. If your filing cabinet still runneth over, then investigate the array of organizations who specialize in storage of documents either physically or digitally. Lastly, maintain a positive attitude. It could be worse, at least you only have to save it all for 7 years, not 70!

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