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Tip Of The Day #31 - Your Bookkeeper is Your Business’s Secret Weapon

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

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“Behind The Scenes” Bookkeeper your Business Secret Weapon

As your successful business continues to grow and expand, there could quite naturally come a time that, instead of retaining a bookkeeping firm like ours to finalize your financial records every quarter, you decide it might be better to keep an accounting contingent on staff.Capital idea that can work like a charm! Until the lucky individual you chose to take on and extensively train decides to expand their horizons and take a different job or expand their family and take some maternity leave. When staff turnover starts happening on a frustratingly frequent basis in your bookkeeping department, maintaining consistency between the line up of “come and go” candidates can be quite the major challenge.

Take a page out of one of our long time client’s playbook for a practical, “business savvy” solution! Even though the size and scope of his business substantiated the need for hiring full time financial administration, this smart CEO avoided instability due to inevitable staff changeover by keeping our bookkeeping firm on retainer as well!

Now, working in an overall advisory capacity, completing critical tasks and those crucial monthly reviews, we are able to provide continuity in the accuracy and uniformity of company records despite any adjustments in accounting personnel.  When the need arises to engage a new bookkeeping administrator, we simply take over to efficiently train the incoming candidate without financial operations as a whole ever missing a beat.

The result? No downtime, no late reports or penalties to CRA. So why not use a separate firm to assist, and audit your in-house team. Believe me, this simple little piece of advice will guarantee your overall peace of mind!

Preferred Client Services, professional bookkeepers in Edmonton, AB, working as business partners to make a positive difference in your bottom line!

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