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Tip Of The Day #48 - Fraud, Be Very Afraid!

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

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Are You Afraid Of Fraud?

Well, these days, you should be! There are scads of scams, schemes, and swindles being reported and it’s not just the gullible, gentle geriatrics that are being deceived such as the poor dears, trying to use their portable phone to turn up the TV. 

No, on the business scene, sadly, it’s the unsuspecting, techno clueless entrepreneur who just happens to click on the wrong email link and suddenly their computer becomes a portal to hell! Yes, the small and medium size enterprises are especially vulnerable to these scamming scum who can target you online, over the phone or in person, using more and more creatively realistic tactics too.

Practice Safe Social Interaction

Do not give out your personal information to strangers, and be suspicious of anyone who is asking for it unsolicited. Today’s swindlers are sophisticated and tech savvy. Sometimes their requests seem so real and rational, so be very diligent in questioning the authenticity of every inquiry. Anyone from a legitimate organization will completely understand and cooperate.

Be Aware Of Deals That Sound Too Good To Be True

If you think someone is trying to con you, reject the overture immediately.  Don’t respond to that unusual computer alert or open up that questionable email. Hang up the phone!

In the interest of protecting others, take the time to report it to the Canadian Anti-fraud Centre at 

Remember to use your perception to avoid deception...

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