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Tip of the day #36 - Stand Up For Statements

Barbara Steckly

Barbara Steckly

Stand Up For Statements!

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Let’s Hear It For Monthly Statements!

Yes, I admit I’m a big fan. The truth is, for your business to become significantly successful, you need to maintain a high level of meticulous organization when it comes to your financials. In keeping with this - Statements are your friend! 

So always request that your suppliers provide them to you on an agreed upon basis so you’ll have that “double check” that all the invoices they’ve  issued during the statement time span have now been entered on your end into your accounting system.

When issued regularly to your customers, statements provide written verification that all the invoices you’ve created have been received by them and entered into their records so you can count on accurate payments arriving on time for your. 

Statements can also act as an inventive form of communication between you and your Customers when you add extra personalized information such as notices for upcoming sales, company events or simply a brief message to sincerely thank them again for their patronage.

We facilitate all this ourselves for all our bookkeeping clients but some accounting packages can do it automatically for you if set up correctly. Whatever the case, now you see clearly,

There’s a lot to be said for statements! 

Preferred Client Services, professional bookkeepers in Edmonton, AB  working as business partners to make a positive difference in your bottom line. 

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